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Wilde Lake
Columbia, MD
September 8, 2023

- Juvenile Green Heron

The back story...

I had expected to find the 2 juvenile green herons at their favorite spot on the two snags near The Cove (Google map - red pin). However, when I rounded the curve of the CA path just beyond the red-roofed pier, I was surprised to see the two juvenile green herons hanging out at The Cove "inlet" (where the bubblers are located).

One of them (I suspect the younger of the two) was across the inlet partially camouflaged among the foliage along the shore catching passing dragonflies. However, his (older I suspect) sibling was standing along the side of the retaining wall ~30 feet from me. I was able to very slowly and quietly walk past him to the pergola. I was amazed he didn't take off; rather, he simply stared intently at the water. I grabbed a few shots from the pergola as he curiously eyed me and then, to my astonishment, started to approach me!

He flew the short distance to the Pergola, landed about 20 feet to my left, and stared at the lake. He soon flew, landed on a 2x6 decking board floating near the shoreline, and began peering into the water. He was clearly in hunting mode.

After staring intently at the water for a bit, he suddenly struck the water and to my amazement caught a Bluegill. I suspect this may have been the first time (or perhaps one of the first times) one of the two juveniles (the eldest?) caught something other than dragonflies. After manipulating it he then looked directly at me, flew towards the pergola, and landed 20' from where I was standing... then enjoyed his late morning catch.

Photography: Stephen Talabac
Post Processing: Stephen Talabac

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