Having retired from a rewarding career managing the design and development of environmental earth remote sensing spacecraft ground systems, Stephen now devotes more time to landscape and nature photography.

He has served as the Director, Assistant Director, and Education Coordinator of the Central Maryland Photographer's Guild in Howard County, and formed its DSLR Users Group. Stephen has led classroom and in-the-field hands-on workshops on flower and birds-in-flight photography. He has given presentations on: digital camera technologies and settings; lenses and optics; high speed continuous shooting in-camera buffering architectures for action photography and throughput performance; and lossy & lossless in-camera image data compression. Stephen has served as an instructor at Longwood Gardens, PA as part of Longwood's Continuing Education Program. His Photographing Fantastic Foliage workshops guided students in photographing foliage patterns, forms, and textures.

Diana, his wife and photography partner, catalogs and post processes their photographs. She is self-taught and initially honed her skills using Photoshop CS3 to restore vintage 35 mm prints. She uses Adobe's Creative Cloud for Photographers (Photoshop-CC, Lightroom-CC) and post-processing software products from ON1, Topaz Labs, and HDRsoft.

Our work has been published by Outdoor Photographer magazine (2015 American Landscape photo album), and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.