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Grand Teton National Park
Aug 29 - Sep 10, 2014

Mormon Row Homesteads

Photography: Stephen Talabac
Post Processing: Diana Talabac

North of Jackson Hole and about 2 miles east of Moose, WY is the historic homestead site known as Mormon Row. At the turn of the 20th century the area was the destination for many Mormon families.

Thomas Alma (T.A.) Moulton and his brother, John, settled there in the early 1900s. T.A. began construction of his barn 100 years ago, in 1913. He had constructed it for a very pragmatic reason: to provide much needed shelter for his horses during the bitterly cold, snowy Jackson Hole winters. The barn took several years to complete: lean-to additions, one on either side, were eventually built to augment the original square structure.

Time and the harsh winters eventually took their toll on the Moulton barn and the other homestead buildings. To preserve their historic value and significance, the Moulton barn and several other structures on the Mormon Row homesteads have since been restored.

The restored Moulton barns and several other Mormon Row homestead buildings, are a year-round magnet for landscape photographers.

The caption below each photograph identifies the Mormon Row homestead structure.

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