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Wilde Lake
Columbia, MD
August 2, 2023

Over the course of an hour, a female Osprey made multiple passes over the lake intently searching for an unsuspecting morning meal swimming close to the surface.

At one point she spotted prey and quickly dove toward the water. However, just a few feet above the lake, she suddenly aborted her dive and made a high-G turn skyward to return to her cruising altitude.

Her sharp eyes constantly peered down to monitor the water for unsuspecting prey. Then she spotted one, hovered silently for a minute deciding whether she should make an attempt, then suddenly dove straight down and hit the water with a big, loud splash.

This time she was successful: she emerged from the water with a large fish in her sharp talons and carried off her catch to enjoy her morning meal in a tree across the lake.

Photography: Stephen Talabac
Post Processing: Stephen Talabac

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