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Wilde Lake
Columbia, MD
April 17, 2023 10AM

While photographing a Green Heron at the Wilde Lake
inlet stream my peripheral vision noticed movement as a huge male snapping turtle slowly made its way up the shallow stream bed.

I've estimated the length of its body to be at least 3' (perhaps as much as 4') from its snout to the tip of its massive tail.

Basis of estimate:
- 35 mm full frame camera sensor
- Distance to subject ~70 - ~80ft
- 5.15 degree horizontal field-of-view at 400 mm focal length

I suspect it is a few decades old with a massive weight to match.

Eventually it climbed out of the stream bed, crawled up the embankment (to its left), then disappeared into the wooded area that abuts the stream.

I suspect this may be the same male snapping turtle I had photographed mating at the base of the dam on May 24, 2022. Photos in this gallery:

Photography: Stephen Talabac
Post Processing: Stephen Talabac

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