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Modified 8-Feb-20
Created 4-Apr-15
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Photography: Stephen Talabac
Post Processing: Diana Talabac

Fast moving gray clouds were sweeping over the Rocky Mountain National Park summits.

The intermittent sunlight and clouds created fleeting areas of golden light and shadow that alternately emphasized and suppressed the texture and hues of the landscape below.

My eye was drawn to the golden hue of the foreground sunlit ridge complemented by the blue and magenta hues of the background shaded hillside.

Occasional bursts of sunlight would momentarily illuminate sparse patches of bright green vegetation dotting the ridge.

A wildlife trail, navigating a meandering route to avoid rocky outcroppings, wound its way diagonally up and along the spine and then disappeared after it crested the ridge.

I composed the scene and took several shots to capture the fleeting dynamics of light and shadow.

Moments later the sun remained stubbornly hidden behind the gathering rain clouds... and the splashes of golden light that had illuminated the ridge and its meandering trail had vanished.

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© Stephen & Diana Talabac. All rights reserved.
Colorado, "Estes Park", "Rocky Mountain National Park", landscape, patterns, rockies

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