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Maureen Cogan(non-registered)
Beautiful as always, Steve! I always love your work.
dennis gray(non-registered)
Hi Steve:

I am starting on my quest for a website after seeing your talk at CMPG.
Is your site a standard zenfolio template or did you build from scratch. I really like the layout and the slideshow feature.

Thank you

Joe Rothenberg(non-registered)
As usual great work Steve - hi-key really works well for these shots.
Rich Goldberg(non-registered)
Very cool Steve. My daughter got to see the JWST in an early phase of development a number of years ago when her elementary school class took a tour of Goddard. I shared your pictures with her. It brought back some good memories. She is a space exploration junkie!
Larry A. Jones(non-registered)
Great photo's, I love the Egrets. Thanks for sharing.
Lois Underwood(non-registered)
Very nice! You and Diana are really talented! Thank you for sharing.
Cindy Hartman(non-registered)
Loved your class yesterday with Dave and loved seeing your website. Your photographs are awesome! Thank you for sharing.
Vivianne Falcone(non-registered)
Incredible photographs! Thanks for sharing!
Lynn Meininger(non-registered)
Absolutely incredible! Well done!
Nick Sleptzoff(non-registered)
Thank you for sharing your photos of Conowingo Bald Eagles VIII. I never tire seeing pics of Bald Eagles, beautiful.
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